In a skins format, each golf hole is assigned a dollar value.  To win a "skin," a player needs to win the hole outright. In the case of a tie, the hole's skin is added to the value of the next, and the players will proceed to play the next hole.
Weekend golfers have played the highly popular skins format for years. The format can lead to dramatic shifts in a golfer's skins score, especially if the value of a particular skin escalates after a series of ties.
The history behind the word "skins" as it applies to golf is not clear. Some believe it comes from a time when European fur traders sailing in to the British Isles would use their animal pelts to make wagers on the course.  Others believe it is a corruption of the word "syndicates."

In The Wendy's Champions Skins Game, the first six holes are worth $30,000 each, the next six are $40,000 each, the next five are $50,000 each, and the final hole is worth a minimum of $100,000.

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